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At LIMOCENTRAL, our objective is to provide a seamless travel arrangement when it comes to ground transport. Whether it is an airport transfer for an individual, a guided tour or large group transport, LIMOCENTRAL have a solution. LIMOCENTRAL has a wealth of experience in executive travel and would like to share the benefits of that experience by creating a strategic alliance or partnership with you. LIMOCENTRAL currently manages a large fleet of Luxury and prestige sedans, people movers, and mini coaches. With a fleet of this diversity we are confident that we can meet with any transport requirement.

LIMOCENTRAL understand that when it comes to the transportation of people from one destination to another the whole process needs to be discreet, reliable and efficient, while at the same time achieving a high level of comfort and safety for the on-board passengers. LIMOCENTRAL take the fuss out of people transportation by providing an all-encompassing valet style service while trying to make you feel as close to the comforts of home as possible.

The LIMOCENTRAL team are proud passionate people committed to the following values;-

  • SAFETY: We commit to safety and health as a way of life.
  • INTEGRITY: We act at all times in an honest, ethical and discreet manner.
  • CUSTOMER FOCUS: We provide our customers with a high quality service supported with excellence.
  • LEADERSHIP: We have the courage to lead, and we do so through inspiration, innovation, collaboration and execution.
  • PEOPLE: We offer an inclusive work environment and we encourage, engage, recognise and develop employees.
  • EXCELLENCE: We are accountable for our own success and by applying continuous systems improvement coupled with a technology driven platform to deliver cost competitive solutions.